Учебник «Привет, Россия!»

Hello, Russia!

About the book

The authors of the book – experienced teachers of Russian as a foreign language: Maya Nakhabina (“Doroga v Rossiyu” (Road to Russia) textbook, “Russian Season: Russian Language Textbook”, etc.), Vera Stepanenko, Elena Kolyovska, Olga Plotnikova.

Communicative approach will help students quickly and efficiently learn to keep up a conversation in Russian. The textbook is designed for 100-120 class hours. Lexical and grammatical material is suitable for elementary level (A1), lays the groundwork for the basic level (A2), and thereafter – for the first certification level (B1).

Interesting presentation: the plot is based on the life and communication of the teacher – Russian native speaker – and a group of students from different countries of the world learning Russian online. They start communicating in the general chat room, and then the students come to Russia where they continue learning Russian.

Authoring team

Meet the educational and methodical complex "Hello, Russia!".

The authors created a new dynamic and entertaining textbook.
It will help you to quickly master the Russian language together with the book heroes, and to acquaint yourself with today’s Russia.

You will learn Russian and love it! Good luck!


PHD, associate professor of International Education Center, Moscow State Regional University


Doctor of Education, professor of International Education Center, Moscow State Regional University


PHD, associate professor of International Education Center, Moscow State Regional University


Master of Linguistics, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

Getting acquainted with Russia!

Students, higher educational establishments’ teachers and private tutors

For whom

I am speaking correctly!

Pupils, students and everybody who wants to speak Russian

Textbook heroes


Fashion designer from Italy. Produces his clothes and gets inspired by Russian themes. He likes Russian art and painting. He will be interested in Russian arts and crafts. He is acquainted with Yudashkin. He used to meet him at one of the fashion shows and was invited to Russia. He will come to Russia to get to know one of our famous designers.

Nina Ivanovna

Russian teacher


Teacher of Japanese in the University of Japan. Linguist. She is fond of Russian cuisine, cooks Russian dishes, loves singing Russian songs, is fascinated with Russian literature, music and theatre. She is interested in ethnography, peoples and languages of Russia. She will be telling about different peoples and languages in Russia.


A student from Germany. He studies biology at the University, works as a barista at the café. Claus will meet a Russian girl and come to visit her in Russia, they will travel across the country together. They will visit places of interest in Russia. He will be in charge of linguistic and cultural studies in the textbook with regard to geographic features of different places, flora, fauna, and natural resources of Russia.


A tour guide from Barcelona. She is interested in Russian language and history. She will meet a tour guide from Russia.


A businessman from Turkey. He studies Russian to develop business with Russia. He will meet a girl from Tomsk and come to Tomsk to travel across Siberia and Baikal, Kamchatka, etc. They will be in correspondence with each other, she will be telling him about Russia, about things happening, about the holidays, facts (even about the weather).


Marina Karpenko

Italy, teacher of Russian as a foreign language

I enjoyed the idea that different topics are covered through the book heroes: science, culture, art, business… It makes the textbook very live and up-to-date! We have many things to discuss with the students!

Yuliana Croyer

Austria, teacher of Russian as a foreign language

The authors are really good. M.M.Nakhabina is a legend. The textbook came out to be a bright one, with a good material presentation! My gratitude to the authors!

Kirill Kanarsky

Poland, director of XYZ Language School

Finally, there is a textbook with an interesting presentation of Russia! Students get to know a lot of new and interesting material!

Svetlana Milova

Turkey, teacher of Russian as a foreign language courses

Such an interesting material! It contains links to virtual museums, quizzes, crossword puzzles and many audio recordings. The textbook came out to be very interesting and interactive!

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